Kids go SCIENCE MAD for a beyond-awesome party by Mad About Science.  It will be one to remember, with heaps of hands-on learning fun.  From wild water rockets to foaming dry ice fountains. More than 10 science activities to rock your kid’s world, and get family, friends, parents and the whole neighbourhood talking! Presented by experienced science communicators, let us do the hard work for you.  Mad About Science parties are SERIOUSLY FUN! Choose from one of our themed science parties:
MAD SCIENCE ACTION PARTYAn exciting mix of WOW! science activities to get your pulse racing. Launch a water rocket over 10 metres, spin giant gyroscopes, pop projectiles with a chemical reaction, erupt a flurry of snow, and more!
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DRY ICE MAGIC PARTYLet the magic of dry ice capture your imagination. Create amazing boo bubbles, gather smoking foam from an everlasting bubble fountain, put out a flame with a chemical fire extinguisher, play stretchy putty games, and more!
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FORENSIC DETECTIVE PARTYA million dollar diamond has been stolen from Tiffany & Co. flagship store in New York. Join the forensic science team and help catch the thief and recover the spectacular diamond. This is science work at work in the real world, and a blast for older children.
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SLIME, GORE & MOREScience has never so gross – or fun! Make snot slime, grow squishy eyeballs (and take one home), sniff nappies, sit on a treacherous seat of nails (if you dare!), fly garbage bags, toilet paper, and more!
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FIZZ, COLOUR & RAINBOW PARTYA dazzling science experience full of light, colour and wonder! Use invisible inks, concoct colour changing potions, erupt a soda fountain, and take home a collection of colour change UV beads. There’s solar magic, kaleidoscopes, optical illusions, bubbles, rainbows, and more!
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MINI MAD SCIENTIST PARTYSpecially designed for our itty-bitty mad scientists, 3 to 5 years old, this party has it all! From exciting toothpaste eruptions to flying teabags! Get hands-on and explore the magic of magnets, super absorbant polymers, fun forces, light & colour, and much more. Heaps to keep little hands busy and growing minds active!
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Our parties are fully interactive, with heaps of hands-on fun for mad scientists of all ages!  There’s a program for everyone.  Our experienced presenters have science and/or teaching qualifications, and know how to engage and excite.

Venue Requirements
  • To WOW! and amaze we need a large room, preferably inside, cleared of furniture.  There needs to be a clear floor space for mad scientists to sit comfortably.  If inside is not an option, a garage, undercover deck or carport are the best alternatives.
  • We need two large tables – a presentation table at the front, and a worktable at the back of the room or close by to accommodate all junior scientists.  Chairs are not needed.
  • Some of our parties require an outdoor area to launch rockets, create bubbles, make slime etc.  The really messy parties require a grassed area to perform experiments.
  • Some of our parties require access to a power point, the use of a rubbish bin and a sink with running water.
  • We need access to the venue 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes at the end of the party to set up and pack up.

Number Of Mad Scientists

For the best total experience, the ideal number of guests should be limited to 10.  However, the package price does cater for a maximum of 15 children.  Remember to include siblings in the count, they will want to join in too!  If you want more scientists to join the fun, there will be a $15 per head charge above a total of 15, with an absolute maximum of 20 children.


We currently service Melbourne suburbs and surrounds.