Primary School Science Incursions & Workshops

Immerse your class in the fascinating world of science, and have some serious FUN!

Our quality workshops are specifically designed to align with the new Victorian Curriculum. Our experienced science teaching specialists lead stimulating incursions that blend enticing class demonstrations and small-group experiments to facilitate genuine learning.

We offer a range of incursion topics encompassing biological, chemical, earth and space, and physical sciences as well as STEM workshops tailored for Victorian Primary Schools, from foundation to level 6.  During our sessions students develop critical and creative thinking skills, they will ask questions, make predictions and draw conclusions using scientific methods.

The 2017 National Science Week Theme is Future Earth to advance global sustainability science. Our workshop Global Sustainability focuses on the science behind some of the key challenges to a healthy planet.


If there is a topic of interest not listed here, please inquire as we are skilled at tailoring programs to specific needs. Where practical our individual classroom workshops incorporate real laboratory equipment to bring authenticity to the session.  

Chemical Sciences

Chemistry ChaosFoundation to Level 6Colour changes, smoke, fizz and foam! Everything in our world is made up of chemicals. Explore chemical reactions, physical changes and more. Available in a junior and middle/senior primary format.
The Matter Of MatterLevel 3 to 6Use the magic of dry ice to explore the three common states of matter - solids, liquids and gasses. From everlasting bubbling fountains to cool chemical fire extinguishers. This session matters! (90 minute format only)
Note: A $20 per day surcharge applies to this unit for dry ice.
Forensic DetectiveLevel 3 to 6Can you crack the case and catch the thief!? Use real forensic science techniques, like PH tests, handwriting analysis, and fingerprint dusting to pin point the culprit.
Super Bubble ScienceFoundation to Level 2Bubbles are more than trapped air
in a film of soapy water. Their exact spherical shape and swirling rainbow colours make them a wonder of science. By this session’s end, you’ll be a true bubbleoligist.
Kitchen ChemistryFoundation to Level 2A fun food workshop challenging you to think about everyday food in a whole new way. Experiment with a variety of food-related chemicals, and you even get to take home a bag of sweet, tongue tingling sherbet!
Material ScienceFoundation to Level 6Explore the world around you - sort, classify and test the physical properties of natural and processed materials. Discover how materials can change physically as well as chemically. Mix a material concoction for a purpose, explore the effect of heat on materials, material waste and remake a material into a new product. Available in a junior and middle/senior primary format.

Physical Sciences

Forces In ActionFoundation to Level 6From an apple falling to the ground to a car rolling to a halt, forces are constantly at work. A stimulating, hands-on look at things that move, and why! Available in a junior and middle/senior primary format.
Light & SoundFoundation to Level 6Make some waves, and colour your classroom with rainbows. Using a sensory approach learn all about the properties and transmission of light and sound energy.
Electrical BuzzFoundation to Level 6Lights, noise and airborne propellers. Use snap circuit kits to build exciting circuits using a variety of electrical components including switches, LEDs, resistors and integrated sound circuits. Explore electric motors, electromagnets, dynamos, and energy transformations. Includes a demonstration of how electricity is produced from sun light.
Simple MachinesLevel 3 to 6Launch projectiles with D.I.Y catapults, watch motorized gears turn to speed things up, and lift friends off the ground with a super-sized lever. An engaging look at how simple machines make our life easier, now, and in the past. (90 minute format only)
Light & ColourFoundation to Level 2An engaging investigation into the colourful properties of light. Create rainbows, use chromatography to separate colour in ink, mix colour with light filters and test a whole host of optical instruments.
Toy TechnologyFoundation to Level 2Be immersed in the wonderful science of toys. Explore energies, materials, movement and sound. Spin some colour, use magnets to draw, and even make your very own balancing toy to take home. Play has never been so educational!
Light ReflectionsLevel 3 to 6This senior primary workshop takes an in-depth look at the properties of light - within and outside the visible spectrum. Get hands-on with a variety of interesting optical instruments, explore UV light and make a UV detection key chain to keep, watch light energy transform, discover different ways to produce light, including chemiluminescence, and more!
Heat & EnergyLevel 3 to 6Explore the properties of heat and other energies in a fun way. Produce useful heat energy in a multitude of ways, including through friction, motion, electrically and chemically. Transfer heat through conduction, measure it and explore the amazing ways in which heat can generate change.

Biological Sciences

Living ThingsFoundation to Level 6This workshop is full of life. Explore objects that have self-sustaining processes like plants, animals and mirco-organisms. Through engaging hands-on activities learn about the difference between living and non-living things, simple life cycles and the bigger picture. Available in a junior or middle/senior primary format.
Come To Your SensesFoundation to Level 2The five senses are given a workout in this engaging session. They are tested, tricked and more. Get ready for a sensory overload!
The Human BodyLevel 3 to 6Take a journey through the human body, and explore its parts and systems. Perform chemical experiments to understand digestion, think quick and test reaction speeds, use stethoscopes to listen to the rythmic beat of your heart. Learn how we are all connected, and made of the stuff of stars!
Digital MicroscopyLevel 3 to 6Watch everyday objects come alive in amazing detail on the screen. In this interactive introduction to microscopy view everything from your own skin and hair to fibres and insect parts. Morphology and function is recorded and discussed.

Earth & Space Sciences

Wicked WeatherFoundation to Level 2Air in the atmosphere is always on the move, carrying clouds, rain, and snow around the globe. Model and experiment with these air and water movements; and even erupt your own flurry of snow.
Natural DisastersLevel 3 to 6Explore the scientific processes behind the explosive energy of nature’s fury.
Global SustainabilityLevel 1 to 6The phenomenal population boom in recent times has put the earth’s resources under considerable strain. Learn how we can better manage waste and the earth’s life sustaining resources to build better future for all. This is the theme for National Science Week, 2017.
Earth & The Milky WayLevel 3 to 6Space is a vacuum but it is far from empty. During this fascinating workshop you’ll launch into space and explore planets, moons, stars and galaxies. Follow in the footsteps of the great astronomers as you probe the mystery, scale and earth’s place in the universe.
Rocks & GeologyLevel 3 to 6It is written in the rocks. Read the changing story of earth and the impact of humans through the pages of rocks. Cast your own fossil, explore and classify rocks and minerals, investigate the characteristics of soil, model the layers of earth, create some explosive lava flows. Everything to enthuse young geologists!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Beebot RoboticsFoundation to Level 2An introduction to robots and programming for younger students. With an intuitive interface, colourful beebot will have learners excited about simple sequencing and directional language. Students work in pairs or groups of 3.
mBot Robotics ProgrammingLevel 3 to 6Meet friendly mBOT, a STEM educational robot to learn coding and robotics. Drag-and-drop graphical programming makes learning Arduino easy and crazy-fun! Available in a 90 minute format only at $380 plus GST per session.
Circuit Board ElectronicsLevel 4 to 6Solder electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards. Take home your own working electronic device like an alarm, lie detector, flashing lights or game. Maximum 20 students. Available only in a 90 minute format at $520 plus GST per session.
3D Drawing Level 4 to 6This new for 2017 STEM workshop has you inventing and creating in 3D. Using 3D pen technology, design your own plastic model for a purpose.

Mad Science Show

Mad Science ShowFoundation to Level 6A jam-packed 60 min show of BIG WOW! science madnness! There's giant smoke vortices, levitating beach balls, flying toilet paper, flour fire-balls, hair-raising electricity, and lots of learning! Suitable for up to 180 students. Price $650 plus GST.
“Tell people what to do and they forget; show them what to do and they remember; let them actually do it themselves and finally, they understand” – Confucius.