Sophie was born in the UK and holds an Honours degree in Applied Environmental Science from the University of London. Her first job was on a tiny island called Flat Holm. There she had to brave dive bombing gulls as she inspected their nests, look out for wild goats, herd and shear sheep, lead tours and teach students on excursions. In other jobs Sophie has built steps, fences, gates, paths, dry stone walls and boardwalks. She has her chainsaw licence and has planted hundreds of trees and wildflowers.

Of her work at Mad About Science, Sophie says: ‘I love presenting workshops because it brings great joy and wonder to the kids. My favourite workshop is ‘The Matter of Matter’, because everyone always squeals when you add dry ice to hot water.’

Sophie’s favourite ‘weird science fact’ is that earthworms have 5 hearts! She is also not scared of spiders.