Quality Science Parties For Serious Fun!

Kids go SCIENCE MAD for a hands-on party by Mad About Science. It will be one to remember, with heaps of learning fun. From popping rockets to a foaming fountain. Lots of hands-on activities to make your child’s day, and get family, friends, and neighbours talking! Presented by experienced science communicators, let us do the hard work for you.

Available in Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland.

Our Science Parties Include

Our qualified party hosts come to you: your house or another venue of your choice. They bring all the expertise and equipment necessary to make your child’s special day fun and memorable. Our 60 minute party pack specifically includes…

Choose Your Activities

Our parties are fully interactive, with heaps of hands-on fun for mad scientists of all ages!  Choose from the following activities for a jammed-packed science party (60 minute), or let us make a recommendation.

Set 1

Select one activity from this set
  • Dry Ice (weekdays only)

  • Elephant’s Toothpaste

  • Oobleck Slime

  • Glitter Snot Slime

Set 2

Select three activities from this set
  • Instant Snow

  • Squishy Eyeballs

  • Colour Change UV Keychains

  • Popping Film Canisters

  • Paper Helicopter

  • Exploding Zip Lock Bags

Set 3

Select one activity from this set
  • Chemical Rocket

  • Geyser Mentos Explosion

  • Walking Capillary Rainbow

  • Colour Changing Potions

For a 90 minute party, choose another two activities from any set (seven activities in total).

Party Numbers

For the best total experience, smaller groups work best with the ideal number of guests around 10. However, the standard 60 minute party package does cater for a maximum of 20 children. Remember to include siblings in the count, they will want to join in too!

If required, we can cater for larger numbers of guests (between 20 and 40 children) with two presenters.

Party Duration

We find the best length for full engagement and participation in our science parties is 60 minutes. However, we do have a 90 minute option available if required.

Venue Requirements

To ensure your party is a success, there are a few things you need to consider about the venue.  Following are the mandatory requirements:

  • To WOW! and amaze we need space, preferably undercover in case of inclement weather.  If inside is not an option, a garage, marquee, undercover deck or carport are the best alternatives providing the area is in a sheltered space.

  • We need two large tables – a presentation table at the front, and a worktable at the back of the room or close by to accommodate all junior scientists.  Chairs are not needed.

  • Some of our parties require an outdoor area to launch rockets, create bubbles, make slime etc.  The really messy parties require a grassed area to perform experiments

  • Our parties require the use of a rubbish bin and a sink with running water.

  • We need access to the venue 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes at the end of the party to set up and pack up.

Party Pricing

  • 60 minutes with one Mad Scientist host to run 5 activities, up to 20 kids = $420 incl. GST

  • 1.5 hours with one Mad Scientist host to run 7 activities, up to 20 kids = $480 incl. GST

  • 60 minutes with two Mad Scientist hosts to run 5 activities, up to 40 kids = $790 incl GST

  • 1.5 hours with two Mad Scientist hosts to run 7 activities, up to 40 kids = $890 incl. GST

  • *** Please note that parties held on a Sunday incur an additional $50 surcharge. ***