Big Science Shows

Fast-paced and engaging science shows that cover a range of topics.

Perfect for larger groups, these shows can be adapted for audiences from children through to adults.

Our science shows include lots of WOW science demonstrations that are too big for the classroom! They can be delivered in nearly any location- even at festivals!

Please see our workshops if you require more of a hands-on experience for your students.


Mad Science Show

A jam-packed 60-minute show of big WOW science madness! It is all about air, electricity, and fire! Look out for an air zooka assault and some giant smoke vortex rings. We make some super static electricity with our Van der Graff Generator. There are levitating beach balls, flying toilet paper, flour fireballs, and hair-raising electricity. The Mad Science Show is full of learning fun! (Suitable for Foundation to Level 6).


Liquid Nitrogen Show

What’s cooler than cool? Liquid nitrogen! Learn all about the states of matter and what happens when we heat things up and cool things down with our super cool chemical nitrogen. Lots of ice breaking volunteer moments, chilling demonstrations and even a frosty explosion- learn all about reversible and irreversible reactions with us! A cool 60-minute show. VIC only. (Suitable for Foundation to Year 12).