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Robotics and Coding


In this exciting workshop, students will work in pairs to build and program real robots. Our robotics kits will keep students engaged from beginner to advanced, and teachers may learn something too! This workshop uses a pen-and-card based programming system, so no computers are required. Suitable for Stage 1-3. Only available in NSW.

Liquid Nitrogen Show


What’s cooler than cool? Liquid nitrogen! Learn all about the states of matter and what happens when we heat things up and cool things down with our super cool chemical nitrogen. Lots of ice breaking volunteer moments, chilling demonstrations and even a frosty explosion- learn all about reversible and irreversible reactions with us! A cool 60-minute show. Suitable for Foundation to Year 12. Only available in VIC.

Mad Science Show


A jam-packed 60-minute show of big WOW science madness! It is all about air, electricity, and fire! Look out for an air zooka assault and some giant smoke vortex rings. We make some super static electricity with our Van der Graaff Generator. There are levitating beach balls, flying toilet paper, flour fireballs, and hair-raising electricity. The Mad Science Show is full of learning fun! Suitable for Foundation to Year 6. Available in VIC, NSW & QLD.

Inventing The Future – Technology & Artificial Intelligence


Technology ignites innovation and advancements in industry. Students explore innovation over time, and engage in activities to understand how technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) works. Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6. Only available in VIC.

Water & The Environment


Water is essential to life, and is our most precious resource. We use it to drink, for cooking, washing and hygiene, recreation, industry and agriculture. During this workshop students develop an understanding and appreciation of the importance and special properties of water. Suitable for Foundation to Year 4. Available in VIC, NSW & QLD.

The Human Body


Take a journey through the human body, and explore its parts and systems. Perform chemical experiments to understand digestion, think quick and test reaction speeds, use stethoscopes to listen to the rythmic beat of your heart. Learn how we are all connected, and made of the stuff of stars! Suitable for Year 3 to Year 6. Available in VIC & NSW.