Primary School Workshops In All Major Science Areas

Aligned to the Australian Curriculm

We offer a range of incursion topics encompassing biological, chemical, earth and space, and physical sciences as well as STEM workshops tailored for Australian Primary Schools, from foundation to level 6.  During our sessions students develop critical and creative thinking skills, they will ask questions, make predictions and draw conclusions using scientific methods.



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Thank you for our session. The students were very engaged and lots of hands-on activities were provided. The content covered was very relevant to our unit focus. FANTASTIC!

February 2, 2016

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Lucie did a fantastic job of presenting the information in an interesting and fun way. Thanks again for the incursion – the kids got lots out of the experience and it has provided lots of discussion in the classrooms.

August 26, 2015

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The programs were extremely popular – the kids are still talking about them! In fact we got a letter from a 9 year-old this week thanking us for the library services during lockdown – especially the kitchen science workshop (she loved the experiment she could eat!)

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries April 6, 2020