Project Description

Liquid Nitrogen Show

– What’s cooler than cool? Liquid nitrogen! Learn all about the states of matter and what happens when we heat things up and cool things down with our super cool chemical nitrogen. Lots of ice breaking volunteer moments, chilling demonstrations and even a frosty explosion- learn all about reversible and irreversible reactions with us!  A cool 60-minute show.

  • Level: Level 3 to Level 6

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Numbers: Suitable for up to 180 students

  • Cost: $850 plus GST per show

  • State: VIC

Fantastic physical changes and cool chemical reactions!

  • Learn about all the different states of matter; solid, liquid and gas in a fun and engaging way!

  • We’ll freeze, smash and shatter everyday materials in front of your eyes.

  • Witness a bone-chilling explosion as liquid nitrogen gas rapidly expands.

  • Volunteers will be asked to blow up balloons in the most unusual way.

  • Experience colourful, exothermic reactions that will make you go WOW!




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Anneliese engaged the students really well. They were thrilled to be able to take home snow and the UV bead keyring.

Kangaloon Public School Wicked Weather March 22, 2021

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Lisa from Mad About Science is absolutely brilliant (so is the whole team really!). She was amazing with the kids, great with our kids with additional needs and just ran the experiments in a wonderfully fun and interactive way. I couldn’t recommend Mad About Science highly enough.

Etelka Ronc Birthday Party March 20, 2021

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Dale was fantastic! The students were so engaged and loved the range of activities he did with them. Thank you for an excellent, informative and fun day!

Living Faith Primary School Natural Disasters January 21, 2021