Primary School Earth & Space Science Workshops & Incursions

Space is a vacuum but it is far from empty. Explore Earth’s structure and its place in the cosmos. Earth is part of the solar system that is part of a much larger universe. Model the immense scales associated with space. Learn that changes on Earth, such as night and day, weather and the seasons, are related to the Earth’s tilt, rotation and its orbit around the sun. Investigate the processes that have changed the surface, depths and atmosphere of the Earth over varying timescales. Appreciate the influence of human activity on Earth.


Water & The Environment

Water is essential to life, and is our most precious resource. We use it to drink, for cooking, washing and hygiene, recreation, industry and agriculture. During this workshop students develop an understanding and appreciation of the importance and special properties of water.


Earth & The Milky Way

Space is a vacuum but it is far from empty. During this fascinating workshop you’ll launch into space and explore planets, moons, stars and galaxies. Follow in the footsteps of the great astronomers as you probe the mystery, scale and Earth’s place in the Universe.


Rocks & Geology

It is written in the rocks. Read the changing story of Earth and the impact of humans through the pages of rocks. Cast your own fossil, explore and classify rocks and minerals, investigate the characteristics of soil, model the layers of earth, create some explosive lava flows. Everything to enthuse young geologists!


Wicked Weather

Air in the atmosphere is always on the move, carrying clouds, rain, and snow around the globe. Model and experiment with these air and water movements; and even erupt your own flurry of snow.



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Thank you Naomi, our kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have produced excellent results in follow up activities. We were really impressed with the session… Thanks!

August 26, 2015

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Lisa was very organised and was fantastic – especially when the wind came up and was very trying – but she continued and kept the show going very smoothly. Great show!

Carisbrook Primary School November 1, 2019

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Lisa was an excellent presenter and all the students had a fantastic time. Lisa did a great job of reengaging the students [when they got restless] for the remaining 10 minutes. A great show!

Concord School August 14, 2019