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Plant Power


Follow the life cycle of plants, and explore the crucial role they play in the ecosystem of living things here on Earth.  Learn how plants get energy and resources from their surroundings, grow from seeds, and how they reproduce and survive in all kinds of environments! (Suitable for Foundation to Level 6).

The Human Body


Take a journey through the human body, and explore its parts and systems. Perform chemical experiments to understand digestion, think quick and test reaction speeds, use stethoscopes to listen to the rythmic beat of your heart. Learn how we are all connected, and made of the stuff of stars! (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6).

Living Things


This workshop is full of life. Explore objects that have self-sustaining processes like plants, animals and mirco-organisms. Through engaging hands-on activities learn about the difference between living and non-living things, simple life cycles and the bigger picture. (Suitable for Foundation to Level 6).