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Inventing The Future – Technology & Artificial Intelligence


Technology ignites innovation and advancements in industry. Students explore innovation over time, and engage in activities to understand how technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI) works. (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6). Only available in Victoria.

Heat & Energy


Explore the properties of heat and other energies in a fun way. Produce useful heat energy in a multitude of ways, including through friction, motion, electrically and chemically. Transfer heat through conduction, measure it and explore the amazing ways in which heat can generate change. (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6).

Light Reflections


This senior primary workshop takes an in-depth look at the properties of light - within and outside the visible spectrum. Get hands-on with a variety of interesting optical instruments, explore UV light and make a UV detection key chain to keep. (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6).

Toy Technology


Be immersed in the wonderful science of toys. Explore energies, materials, movement and sound. Spin some colour, use magnets to draw, and even make your very own balancing toy to take home. Play has never been so educational! (Suitable for Foundation to Level 2).

Simple Machines


Launch projectiles with D.I.Y catapults, watch motorized gears turn to speed things up, and lift friends off the ground with a super-sized lever. An engaging look at how simple machines make our life easier, now, and in the past. (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6).

Electrical Buzz


Lights, noise and airborne propellers. Use snap circuit kits to build exciting circuits using a variety of electrical components including switches, LEDs, resistors and integrated sound circuits. (Suitable for Level 3 to Level 6).