Did you know that Mad About Science is available to present science shows at kids birthday parties? Our team member Lucy loves to present at parties.

Lucy grew up on the Gold Coast, then moved to Canberra to attend the Australian National University at 18.

Lucie has a Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Arts in Astrophysics, Philosophy and Biological Anthropology. She worked on several research projects at university, including the SkyMapper telescope.

In addition to working for Mad About Science, Lucie is very interested in food sciences. In a former job she developed a new dairy product for a business.

Lucie says, ‘My favourite part about working for Mad About Science is igniting curiosity in kid’s minds. I hope this stays with them after I leave! I love facilitating parties because the less structured atmosphere means we can focus on questions that excite the kids! My advice to students studying science is advice given to me by a professor at university: Follow your curiosity wherever it leads you and you will have a fascinating life!’