Online Science Parties For Serious Fun!

Our amazingly fun science parties are now available online!

In these extraordinarily challenging times our online parties are a great way to inject some much-needed science fun into your child’s special day. They are LIVE, hands-on and combine exciting demonstrations with hands-on experiments.
The birthday child gets to hang-out with their friends for an hour of Seriously Fun science learning. Presented by experienced science educators, let’s get connected! Available Australia-wide.


Our qualified party hosts come to you and your guests via videoconferencing software, so there is no need for a large gathering. Every guest can connect to the party from their own home!


You can choose for either your guests to source their own materials (common household items – e.g, baking soda, vinegar), or to have a party package sent to your home for distribution among participants.

Party package sent to your home includes:

  • UV Colour Change Beads (250 beads – 8 beads per guest)

  • 30 x Paper clips
  • 30 x plastic pipettes
  • 30 x growing beads
  • 1 x safety glasses (for birthday child to keep)
  • 1 x instant snow pack (for birthday child)
  • 30 x small zip lock bags
  • Some common housefold items will still need to be sourced by participacnts with this party pack option

Choose Your Activities

Our parties are fully interactive, with heaps of hands-on fun for mad scientists of all ages!  Choose from the  following options for a jammed-packed science party (60 minute) delivered entirely online.

Option 1

Each guest sources all of their equipment, which includes easy-to-access common household items.
  • $300 (inc. GST)


Choose between:

  • Elephant’s Toothpaste

  • Colour Change Potions

Hands-on Activities

  • Colourful Oobleck Slime

  • Exploding Zip Lock Bag or Popping MnM Tube

  • Walking Capillary Rainbow

  • Paper Helicopter

Option 2

Party package sent to you for distribution among guests. Some common household items will still need to be provided by guests.
  • $350 (inc. GST)


Choose between:

  • Elephant’s Toothpaste

  • Colour Change Potions

Hands-on Activities

  • Make a Colour Change UV Bead Keychain to Keep

  • Growing Squishy Eyeball

  • Select two more activities from Option 1

Party Numbers

The online party package caters for a maximum of 30 children. Remember to include siblings in the count, they will want to join in too!

If required we can cater for larger numbers of guests.

Party Duration

The best length for full engagement and participation in our online science parties is 60 minutes.

Party Video Conferencing Platform

We present our online parties using a video conferencing platform called Zoom. It can be used on most devices and does not require signing in or creating an account. All your guests will need is an internet-enabled device (mobile, tablet or computer) and a link to the Zoom meeting, which we will provide with your invitations.