Project Description

Eggciting Science

  • Level: Suitable for Foundation to Level 6

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Delivery: via Zoom video conferencing

  • Numbers: each workshop is capped at a maximum of 30 learners

  • Adult supervision recommended


  • Create a noisy chicken

  • Design a contraption to protect an egg

  • Learn about the chemicals that make up an egg shell and decorate your own colourful Easter egg

  • Create a rainbow using brightly coloured chocolate

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Required Materials

Item Quantity
Egg 5 (4 hard-boiled, 1 raw)
Food dye 1 colour
Crayon 1
Vinegar 1/4 cup
Plastic cup 1
Cotton or wool string/yarn 50cm
Paper clip 1
Paper towel 1 roll
Spoon 1
Rubber glove (optional) 1
Sticky tape 1 roll
Plate or shallow bowl 1
MnMs 1 small pack
Packing materials (e.g., bubble wrap, cardboard, cotton wool)
Scissors 1
Skewer (optional) 1
Cups or glasses 4