Project Description

Harry Potter Science

  • Level: Suitable for Foundation to Level 6

  • Duration: 50 minutes

  • Delivery: via Zoom video conferencing

  • Numbers: each workshop is capped at a maximum of 30 learners

  • Adult supervision recommended, requires use of a heat source such as a hairdryer


  • Write a secret message with invisible ink

  • Create a bubbling potion using common ingredients

  • Use a ‘wand’ to make a powder move without touching it

  • Create a weird slimy goo that acts in a surprising way

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Required Materials

Item Quantity
Clear plastic cups 4
Baking soda 2 tsp
Vinegar 1/4 cup
Cornflour 1/4 cup
Food dye 2 colours
Glitter (optional) 1
Spoon 1
Plastic straw or balloon 1
Pepper (alternatives: confetti or paper) 1 pinch
Paper 1
Lemon or milk 1
Iron (for use with adult supervision only) 1
Cold tap water 1/2 cup
Paint brush or cotton swap 1